5 ways to stay close to family when you live far away

5 ways to stay close to family when you live far away

Whether living at a distance by choice or being forced to be separated from those you love because of an exceptional event (such as confinement due to the Coronavirus epidemic), it is important to do everything to maintain a relationship with loved ones.

Discover 5 ways to stay in touch with family and friends despite the distance between you.

Calling yourself regularly with Skype
Skype is a free communication tool that allows you to make audio and video calls and send messages to each other over the Internet. Download it to your computer or phone, create a free account and off you go! Chat with your parents, siblings or your best friend at any time of the day.

With confinement, the new trend is to share a Skype aperitif together: connect at aperitif time and share a beer or a glass of wine together, snacking on a few snacks on a screen.

There are other alternatives to Skype-like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber, Facetime (for Apple) and Google Duo (for Android).

Send instant messages to each other
Communicating with messages is also a great way to easily stay in touch with loved ones throughout the day. For this, there is no shortage of applications such as Whatsapp, Viber or Messenger.

It is a free alternative to SMS and MMS that allows you to send unlimited free messages to whomever you want. Ideal to show your loved ones that you are thinking of them, to share a video or a photo of the dish you are about to eat, the superb sunset, your cat, etc.

Create a blog
If you live in another country, several thousand kilometres from your family and friends, creating a blog is a great way to share your daily life with them. You can show your loved ones how you live, what your environment looks like, what are the local customs, cultural differences, typical dishes, etc., by publishing detailed stories with photos and videos.

Since everyone has access to your blog, this prevents you from sending long emails to all your loved ones to tell about your adventures.

Make and share a photo book for each family event
It’s great to send photos over the phone, but the concern is that we store them digitally without ever doing anything with them. Surprise your family by offering them a photo book that you have specially created for each moment shared together. A photo album is a unique and lasting gift that will inevitably please your loved ones. Sites like MILK Books offer you the opportunity to create and print great, quality photo books.

Send personalized letters and parcels
What a pleasure to receive a letter or a package by La Poste. Show your loved ones that you are thinking of them by sending them little things they like or that made you think of them, or by sending them cute handwritten letters that show that you have taken time for them.

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