World Best SEO advice

World Best SEO advice

According to the motto Successful through SEO, we offer advice on search engine optimization for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in and around Düsseldorf. This means methods and techniques with which one tries to bring domains or sub-pages for the desired search terms in the search results of search engines (in particular Google) as far as possible into the top 10.

Note: The state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), located on the Rhine, is an integral part of the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region, which is an important international economic area with ten million inhabitants. Düsseldorf (about 0.6 million inhabitants) as a trade fair city attracts a large number of success-oriented companies and groups from a wide variety of industries.

Are you an entrepreneur with a company, or do you run a doctor’s office, a tax consultant’s office, a law firm, a cosmetic studio or an online shop?
Would you like to operate a functioning website that not only serves as a business card due to its beautiful design, but is also found on the Internet on the first page in search engines such as Google?
Do you want to acquire many customers and sell your products well?
An appealing design is important, but the top priority is that an in-depth analysis of your business is carried out when the website is created. So that the keywords (search terms) important for your industry can be taken into account when designing and implementing your website.

When designing the website for your company, it is crucial that the technical basics of website optimization are kept in mind. In conjunction with our text optimizations for the descriptions of their specific services, this lays the foundation for placing your pages permanently in the top positions of the search engines.

You will learn that your website not only serves as an attractively designed business card, but also as a means of attracting new customers!

A website can be described as an internet presence, online presence, homepage etc. In any case, the creation includes the content, and the content, and again the content 😉 that is, what the interested viewer then sees in the browser.
There are several solutions for how this content is technically processed/managed. Which one is the best depends on the requirement?

Regardless of this, the website should present your company’s core competence and philosophy in an impressive, emphatic and, above all, direct manner. For the latter, navigation (i.e. the menu structure) is of crucial importance. Conveying a positive mood (through language, images, design) cannot hurt the whole undertaking.
When it comes to design, there are sometimes different opinions, but nowadays it has to be at least halfway readable and navigable on mobile devices.

Rankings & visitors
Only if a page is displayed as a hit in the SERPs in the top 10, is there a real chance that interested parties will actually click on the link. Anyone who lands at number 42 will not be noticed. Already from the 2nd page, i.e. 11th place, hardly any traffic (less than 1%) can be expected.

Around 90% of the search volume is divided between the first three places (depending on the topic): 65% for place 1, 22% and 13% for place 3.

Bottom line: If the pages of your domain do not “rank”, they have no visitors! No visitors, no sales! But visitors are not everything. What do random visitors to your website bring you that are not relevant? Basically nothing, the visitor jumped off again within a few seconds.
We check which search terms are relevant to you and which ones have a chance! And what content may still be missing to give a “holistic” overall picture.

The Internet …
… changed everything. A fascinating technology has not only made it possible for people to communicate with one another around the clock and in all corners of the world, that they can shop and watch films at any time, but the Internet has also changed marketing.

In the classic marketing agencies, strategies once had to be developed to attract buyers’ interest with direct mail, television advertising, telephone acquisitions and competitions.

Today that the procedure is the opposite: With the help of search engines (in Germany mostly Google), people find what interests them on the web.

All you have to do as a provider is to ensure that potential customers find the right one in the thicket of thousands of offers. The magic word is therefore searched engine optimization.

This is where we start as an SEO agency … through on-page and off-page optimization, we ensure that they come up with important keywords.

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