Why is sleep so important?

Why is sleep so important?

We each have our own story about sleep. But did you know that it represents a third of your life? For that, no question of despising it … Indeed, if it occupies such a large place, it is not for nothing! Sleep really takes care of your mental health and your body. So let’s take a closer look at how better sleep can condition your life! ✅


Sleep disorders, insomnia, sleepwalking, difficulty falling asleep, delayed sleep cycles, sleep apnea … We are not all equal when it comes to sleep!

Yet getting a good night’s sleep is good for our mental health and brain activity 🤯.


After a bad night, you have probably already experienced it, you often feel in a bad mood, anxious, stressed, disturbed and negative thoughts pile up.

Why? Because sleep plays an essential role in our brain. The tonsil, an area in the heart of the brain, is directly affected when sleep is not at the rendezvous. A study published in Science Direct indicates that people who are deprived of sleep for about 35 hours react more strongly to sad images than those who are left to sleep.

In general, those who have been deprived of sleep are less successful in managing their emotions. In fact, according to this sleepless study, the parts of the brain that regulate the activity of the amygdala seem weakened. As a result, people are more anxious and more prone to depression.


You can’t answer the question “why sleep is important” without talking about productivity. Because yes, you have undoubtedly noticed, after a restless night, it is difficult to manage to keep a high level of concentration.

Your level of alertness decreases, you are subject to drowsiness and your capacity to memorize information, to think methodically and to make sensible decisions is diminished. Your level of concentration is also reduced, and without all of that, you cannot be truly productive in your daily tasks.

Why? Because when we sleep poorly, we said above, our brain is the first affected: here, our prefrontal cortex, which is the part of the brain that helps us a reason, is affected.

The icing on the cake, sleeping well would also help be more creative. So, to be effective at work, during your studies, or at your leisure, take care of your sleep!


Sleep to grow well

Sleeping well is essential for your body. During sleep, your metabolism does not remain inactive, far from it. Through your deep sleep, you make different hormones, including growth hormone. Dear children since it makes them grow, it also helps adults to develop their muscles, bones and cartilage, to stay in good physical condition! 💪

Sleep not to get sick

A night of good sleep keeps you in shape! When tired, your body sees its immune defences weakened: you are weakened and are more likely to suffer from viral infections (to successfully sleep with a cold, follow our action plan!)

While sleeping, you take care of your metabolism, allowing it to fill its energy reserves. You eliminate toxins accumulated during the day and thus stimulate your immune system. And by enjoying a truly refreshing sleep, you also boost your tone and your physical performance!

Sleep for healthy living

Why is sleep important to your health? Because bad nights can also hurt your heart. And that’s not all: lack of sleep promotes weight gain and obesity, increases the risk of hypertension and diabetes.


Since sleep is important, here are 5 rules to follow to take good care of it! 😊

Fight your sleep problems by adopting an evening ritual (hey no, the ritual is not just for children!)

Opt for quality bedding: choose a mattress that takes care of your body, and an ergonomic pillow with shape memory that reduces pressure points and aligns your head, neck and spine. To be well guided in this step, start by carrying out this little test of 7 questions: it will help you find the ideal pillow according to your sleep habits.

Arrange your bedroom to sleep well, creating a sleep environment conducive to calm and relaxation.

Analyze your sleep habits (sleep duration, number of night awakenings, possible neck pain…), and choose positions that help you sleep well.

You now know why sleep is important for your body and your mental health. Night after night, every detail can make the difference to pamper your sleep! So, arm yourself with our little tips above in order to reconcile with Morpheus, get back to sleep and successfully enjoy restful nights. Good night!

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