IT covers many areas. The studies are diversified and affect several industries. However, a holistic view reduces all computer knowledge to two broad areas without which other branches cannot exist.

Programming and development

The computer programmer is generally involved upstream. He is at the start of designing a program. Its role is to optimize the creation of IT products. Precisely, he takes care of the establishment of the lines of computer codes. Better still, it determines the steps of the codes and the overall architecture of the computer program.

Given its complex task, it can use software packages to simplify the procedures. Not only does he write the codes, but he must ultimately test the prototype of the application in order to perfect the program. To be efficient, it must be based on specifications that allow it to identify user needs.

At the same time, he must design instructions for the use of the program and its installation. In addition, he must give training to users so that they can make good use of the software. This is how it supports those who need an IT service provider.

The web developer also writes lines of code, but for the design of websites. His work is focused on the programming of the web platform. It ensures the adaptation and management of the functionalities of the website. He puts his know-how at the service of the application of SEO and responsive design practices to improve the user experience side.

He checks the upload and tests the operation of the site. In addition, he manages the computer maintenance of the website and corrects ergonomic problems. In addition, he provides computer training allowing the site owner to take advantage of his platform, especially in publishing web content.

Infrastructures and networks

The computer network is all computer equipment or computer hardware connected virtually or physically to each other. It allows the sharing of information or resources within a company. It is a succession of nodes linked to each other through a communication path.

With the installation of a corporate IT infrastructure, employees exchange and transmit data securely. In addition, they connect to the internet through specific applications. The network can also make it possible to integrate a collaborative workspace. To this end, IT supervision is mandatory to keep watch in order to detect intrusions.

Network infrastructures are generally distinguished by their geographical scope, the technology used for the transfer of files. They are also distinguished by the links and connections used. All of this work is also about IT security and IT troubleshooting. To do this kind of work, you need to have network infrastructure skills and experience.

These different qualities make it possible to perform flawlessly network management and supervision. In addition, the professional must provide the service related to the integration and backup of data for Linus, SGBD and Microsoft. It can also provide IT audit and advice for a better experience.

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