The first roller coaster of Futuroscope

The first roller coaster of Futuroscope

Today more than one in two French people (57%) visit an amusement park at least once a year. The Sociovision study carried out for Futuroscope shows that the sharing of experiences is the first aspiration of visitors.

For 51% of those surveyed, spending time with loved ones is the first source of pleasure when you are in an amusement park. The French also appreciate amusement parks because they are places where they can get away from their daily life (24%). Far from the urban hustle and bustle and professional pressure, they take advantage of their visit to “fill up with sensations” (17%). For 55% of French people, the ideal experience in an amusement park is to be immersed in another universe. The French find their reasons to marvel.

Still, according to the Sociovision Observatory, the French who say they absolutely “need to experience moving, strong, restless things” are now 16%. 66% of French people also say they want to “touch and smell things”.

As Objectif Mars opens its doors in the heart of the theme park, this summer the red planet will see the most advanced spacecraft ever designed by man land on its surface. On July 30 *, NASA is launching the Rover Perseverance in the direction of Mars! ** After 7 months of travel, the one-ton module will have a Martian year (687 Earth days) to fulfil its mission on the red planet: we help to better understand the geology of Mars and look for signs of a previous life …

Although it has an atmosphere rich in carbon dioxide (95% CO2), with an average temperature of -30 ° C and gravity equal to a third of that existing on Earth, Mars is considered a planet sister of Earth, about the same age.

Objectif Mars is part of the original identity of Futuroscope!

Not being able to make room for them on the Rover Perseverance, Le Futuroscope invites its visitors to discover “Objectif Mars”: its 1st family roller-coaster and training camp for future astronauts!

New for the summer “Objectif Mars” is an invitation to slip into the shoes of an astronaut, to test your ability to go on a mission to Mars … and to fill up on new sensations.

Objective Mars? An immersive pre-show and a family roller-coaster

During an immersive and interactive pre-show, candidates for astronaut training will be made aware of the conditions of space travel through various participatory experiences before boarding a test vehicle. spatial. For nearly three minutes, passengers will embark on an experimental rail circuit, punctuated by a series of spectacular special effects never before seen in France.

During their course indoors and outdoors, participants will be successively confronted with spectacular phenomena: solar flares, magnetic fields, the superluminal speed with peaks reaching 55 km/hour and zero gravity as the ultimate test.

Futuroscope has put all its expertise and in-house know-how, whether technical, scenographic and narrative, at the service of Objectif Mars.

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