It’s back to school! Not just about classes, but also the business with the return of vacation. Since the start of the health crisis due to the spread of Covid-19, business activities have been slowing down. Now is the time to put a good boost on the SEO of your site to wake them up and put all the chances on your side in order to obtain good results in the months that follow. As you will no doubt have noticed, everything on the web is constantly changing. What worked very well 1 or 2 months ago does not necessarily work today. It is therefore important to remind you of good practices for the end of 2020.

Producing the right types of links in SEO

To optimize the SEO of your site, you probably already know that content is king and that you need to use the right keywords to rank among the best search results. However, as you will discover on this site specializing in website creation and web strategy in Bordeaux, we must not lose sight of the fact that links represent the basis of the functioning of search engine algorithms, in particular Google.

Without a URL, it is difficult, if not impossible, to position yourself well. However, in the jungle of the internet, a web page that does not position itself is relegated to the last rank. This is where netlinking comes in. Before taking actions in this direction, you must be able to know your link profile, that is to say, determine your strengths and weaknesses in order to orient your strategy.

Know that a good link profile should be varied and appear natural in the eyes of Google. Today, there are many links that could enrich it. No one type of URL is better than the other. You just need to be successful in varying the types of links to keep a truly natural link profile.

PBNs (Private Blog Network) are private blogging networks that allow you to create URLs for money sites. Often associated with bad SEO practices, PBN can help you improve your net linking strategy. You just need to choose one while making sure that the sites it provides and their content bring real added value to Internet users.

Include the 301 redirects in your linking strategy

The 301 redirect is similar to a mailing address change. Page A and its content are moved to page B. In this way, the popularity and traffic from page A are passed to page B.

As part of SEO optimization and improving a net linking strategy, 301 redirect allows you to retrieve poorly written links from external sites or anchors. Indeed, when they are poorly written, URLs lead to a 404 error page. This is not ideal when the SEO benefits of these pages are important. The 301 redirect is therefore useful for fixing errors detrimental to the optimization of your natural referencing.

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