Post-Coronavirus: towards a greener future?

Post-Coronavirus: towards a greener future?

This confinement period, which has now lasted for about 20 days, will have had a positive impact on the environment. Healthier air, less pollution and nature that takes its place, here is our daily life. But one question remains, what will happen in post-containment? Several organizations are planning greener solutions to continue on the path to a greener world.

An encouraging record

The previous European elections were a real revelation in the face of what many French people think. Indeed, this unexpected breakthrough of the ecological party shows that global warming is an important subject. It should not be put aside or swept aside. Many personalities were warning and continue to do so for a greener world and to fight against global warming. Containment has been very beneficial for this fight, as the many photos from the European Space Agency have shown.

Indeed, many studies show that pollution due to the daily trips of the French by car is much less important. In all regions of France and around the world, there are major changes. We see cleaner waters, birdsong in Paris that we heard more with the traffic. However, this assessment should be qualified with the significant presence of fine particles caused by heating homes. The central question now is how to keep these good resolutions which are somewhat forced by the situation.

Long-term solutions

A major part of the French would like there to be more power given to businesses and domestic producers. This is what has emerged in recent days about the post-lockdown. Several organizations are mobilizing to also offer ecological solutions to maintain this good news for the environment. 15 associations have come together to launch “a petition for an ecological, feminist and social day after”. Among them, we find Greenpeace with the petition on the home page and the Copernicus Foundation. These associations are mobilizing today to try to have a greener and more environmentally friendly policy adopted.

What the petition is asking for are subsidies and more resources for the fight for the climate and for the environment. The associations are also asking for fairer taxation and taxes on the greatest fortunes. The petition is therefore in favour of a more equal and equitable future for all. This future is also intended to be feminist, that is to say in favour of equality between men and women, which, let us remember, has still not been taken for granted. We must also rethink policies to make society greener and to fight against global warming which is destroying most ecosystems around the world. In particular, parliamentarians have put online a specific platform, called The Day After. It is about asking citizens what they would like to put in place in order to collect their ideas and propose adequate solutions.

The idea is to build together a greener future that is more respectful of the environment, as soon as the lockdown is lifted. Indeed, all the good numbers and good things that are currently happening to nature must make us aware of the impact we have on it, in order to take the appropriate and responsible measures when the containment is lifted

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