Freelance or in-house SEO writer: which strategy to adopt?

Freelance or in-house SEO writer: which strategy to adopt?

To create or get rid of a website an SEO writer is absolutely essential. Designing articles with optimized content is a real speciality and many qualified people are now making it their job. But what about their status? Should they prefer the status of freelance web editor or integrated into a company? On the side of Companies, the same question arises …
The development of any company or professional activity now requires essential visibility on the internet, and more particularly in search engines. At a time when editorial plays a more and more preponderant place, does it make more sense to hire a writer or to favour outsourcing?
Outsourcing to a French SEO editor.
Using an independent or an agency specializing in content design is the alternative often preferred by companies. It must be said that it offers more than one advantage:

  • cost control: the first advantage is to know precisely how much it will cost you. Indeed, your service provider must imperatively stick to the quote he will have given you.
  • organizational flexibility: do you have a lot of content to produce for big news for your business? Need to quickly redo product sheets? You can solicit one or more editors just for a single mission …
  • no engagement: unlike natural search agencies which systematically make you sign an engagement over 12 or 24 months, in the editorial field, this kind of constraint is rare. In general, you are completely free from any commitment.
    The difficulty, therefore, lies in choosing the right professional to whom you are going to entrust part of the visibility of your business.

writer: web or SEO, a specialist job in its own right.
First, favour companies or freelancers based in France to be sure of having the best quality possible. You can, for example, opt for an editorial agency in Rennes if you are also in the Rennes basin.
However, since it is located in France, the place of the establishment should not be the main criterion. Better qualitative and verifiable references.
Recruitment of an editorial content specialist.
Whether or not to hire a web copywriting expert to be more visible in Google? This is a problem faced by leaders who have grasped the importance of good Google referencing.
A writer within his team: these costs that must be anticipated.
From an economic point of view, it may seem more advisable to hire a copywriter rather than turning to outsource.
However, before embarking on such a hiring project, it must be kept in mind that the time when the web editor only needed a desk and a computer is definitely over.
In fact, this professional must also natural referencing to make you gain positions on the queries which actually bring you prospects. And for that, it needs:

  • a certain number of SEO tools: in addition to the essentials such as Semrush to follow the evolution of your positioning in the search engines, your employee will need tools allowing him to optimize each of the content it designs. However, these different tools are only accessible after payment of a monthly or annual subscription, the cost of which is far from negligible!
  • to go to SEO events regularly organized everywhere in France. In fact, for your business site to be on the front page of Google, your writer constantly needs to be educated and informed. These events are excellent ways to exchange, discuss and discover new trends. All of this comes at a price (accommodation, train, restaurant, event prices, etc.), but it’s essential for you to stay one step ahead of the competition …
    An in-house editorial pro: for flawless communication.
    Obviously, having an editorial design expert on your team also has advantages and not the least.
    If there were only one to mention, it would probably be that this writer immersed in your business will assimilate its characteristics and culture. He is then in the best position to orient your communication and the content of your site so as to enhance what makes you strong in the face of competition. It is however much more difficult with a professional external to your structure.
    Obviously, in addition to this major asset, we must add a second one, the fact that this optimization and editorial design pro only works for your company. In fact, its reactivity is beyond measure. Depending on the economic context or to seize a positioning opportunity on a market, the copywriter within your company is a precious asset.
    In the end, the choice of hiring or outsourcing depends very much on your need. and the size of your structure. Only the largest companies with a daily need to communicate (social networks, company blog, press release, etc.) can consider integrating an editor within their team. For everyone else, outsourcing is the smartest and most flexible solution.

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