Dry Waters Create More Carbon dioxide

Dry Waters Create More Carbon dioxide

Dried out lakes and rivers cause increased carbon dioxide emissions. So far, this has hardly been considered. A project by the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research now wants to research this.

Even in Central Europe, water dries out more and more frequently, at least at times. “Due to the progressive global warming, rivers will increasingly dry up even in temperate climates […] over longer periods,” the Springer authors Gabriele Weigelhofer and Michael Tritthart state in the magazine article Drying out of Streams – a Danger to Water Quality? on page 385 one of the reasons.

So far, little attention has been paid to the fact that this dehydration also causes higher carbon dioxide emissions and can thus contribute to further warming of the climate. This is particularly dangerous since the water, in particular, plays an important role in the Earth’s carbon cycle due to its ability to bind CO2. ..

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