Coronavirus: cooking with healthy food

Coronavirus: cooking with healthy food

If you cook with fresh and healthy ingredients, you will strengthen your immune system, raise your mood and help your body fight infections. A balanced diet cannot offer protection against infection with the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to specifically support the immune system with certain foods. And even fast food can be prepared with healthy foods.

Hygiene tips for shopping
The current rules of conduct apply when shopping:

Wear mouth and nose protection
Keep at least 1.50 meters away from other people
wash hands thoroughly with soap for at least 20 seconds
Wash off food thoroughly, even if experts consider the risk of contamination from fruit and vegetables to below
Healthy nutrition: strengthen your immune system with food
Lentils are rich in zinc. The body needs the trace element for cell division, among other things. It is good if susceptible cells can be replaced quickly.
Onions and garlic contain allicin. The amino acid increases the body’s production of enzymes that protect cells from attacks by free radicals. Free radicals can destroy the body’s own cells.
The fibre contained in lamb’s lettuce and flaxseed not only provides a feeling of satiety but is also good for the intestinal flora. 80 per cent of the immune cells are located in the intestine.
Brussels sprouts and broccoli contain a lot of vitamin C, which is important for the immune system. Brussels sprouts are also rich in folic acid and iron. The body needs both for blood formation.
Fennel is rich in essential oils that are good for digestion.
No other vegetable contains more mustard oils than horseradish: inhaled, they ensure good blood circulation and moisten the nasal mucosa. Horseradish is recognized as a medicinal plant. It can relieve throat inflammation, make it easier to cough up and soothe the bronchi.
Oatmeal contains the trace element selenium. It protects the cells from free radicals and strengthens the muscles, including the heart muscle.
Linseed oil has a healthy ratio of fatty acids. Its phytochemicals protect cells from free radicals.
Radishes have a high content of vitamin C and mustard oils.
Good mood food: mood affects the immune system
When regions in the brain are active that trigger negative feelings, the activity of the immune system drops. The ingredients in these foods can lighten the mood:

Asparagus contains plenty of B vitamins, which are involved in the production of messenger substances such as serotonin. Folic acid in asparagus can also have a positive effect on mood.
The body reacts to hot spices such as pepper and chilli by releasing happiness hormones (endorphins).
Mushrooms such as mushrooms or shiitake are rich in vitamin D and selenium. Both substances can contribute to a good mood.
Healthy frustration eating
Instead of eating unhealthy fast food out of frustration in corona times, you should rather choose healthy alternatives: A healthy pizza with cheese quark base can be prepared from simple foods:

Quark contains a lot of healthy protein, especially long satiety casein. If you eat curd regularly, you will not feel hungry for several hours – this also helps you lose weight.
Eggs are a healthy snack when stressed or preventive: they give you energy immediately because they immediately supply used protein. Three to four eggs a week are healthy.
Olives fill you up and are rich in unsaturated fatty acids that protect the heart.
Oat bran contains the fibre beta-glucan, which helps to lower high cholesterol.
Tomatoes contain the dye lycopene, which protects our cells. It is particularly highly concentrated in tomato paste and tomato paste.
Caution when seasoning with salt: According to a recent study, too much salt in food can inhibit the immune system. More than six grams a day are bad, especially in corona times.

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