6 reasons to quickly switch to cloth diapers for your Baby

6 reasons to quickly switch to cloth diapers for your Baby

As the zero waste lifestyle continues to gain traction in the minds of consumers, one product, in particular, is starting to perform well: washable diapers for babies. And for good reason, they only have advantages! Explanations.

1. To protect baby’s health

As revealed by 60 million consumers, disposable diapers and wipes for babies are essentially made of plastic and contain many toxic (and therefore potentially carcinogenic) products: pesticides, glyphosate, preservatives… Everything goes! Not only does this present a significant risk to the health of your child, but in addition, these toxic residues can be the cause of many allergies and irritations.

In order to protect the health of your baby, it is therefore strongly recommended to use reusable diapers and wipes whose composition is guaranteed to be 100% natural (cotton, linen, bamboo, etc.) and which are completely healthy for the skin and the health of the child.

2. To preserve the environment

Since a cloth diaper is biodegradable, it takes 6 months to disintegrate in the environment compared to 500 years for a disposable diaper. In addition, the materials of which disposable diapers are made are particularly difficult to recycle. Thus, they do not manage to be completely destroyed and are very often buried in the ground, which contributes significantly to the pollution of the planet.

3. To avoid odours in the house

Because of the chemicals they contain, disposable diapers can give off particularly unpleasant odours, even when clean, and even cause allergic reactions. And let’s not talk about the poo smell that reigns around the house until you take out the trash!

With cloth diapers, not only are stools flushed down the toilet, which limits the spread of odours, but the material they are made of doesn’t give off any uncomfortable odours.

4. To make baby clean faster

Parents are unanimous on this point: with washable diapers, children are clean sooner. The reason? When he relieves himself in his diaper, the baby immediately feels the humidity, and therefore the feeling of discomfort that goes with it. Thus, he learns more quickly to hold back in order to avoid feeling uncomfortable.

5. To save money

We are not going to lie to each other, buying disposable diapers represents a very substantial budget. On average, a baby is changed between 5 and 10 times a day, so that’s about 5,000 diapers per child until they are cleaned. By switching to disposable diapers, you could save around 2,000 euros per child. Something to think about, right?

6. To be original

All disposable diapers look the same. The manufacturers of cloth diapers understood this well and therefore decided to make their products objects of style. You can now find diapers with original patterns, flashy colors … Some mothers appreciate the design of washable diapers so much that they even make them the collection. Thus, choosing fabric diapers allows baby to dress effortlessly!

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