5 steps to set up your marketing strategy

5 steps to set up your marketing strategy

How to set up your marketing strategy A detailed marketing strategy should allow us not only to reach our ideal client and to develop our clientele. But also to build loyalty.

And good news! There is an unstoppable mnemonic trick to succeed in your marketing strategy and tackle it without pulling your hair out: the acronym MOST to calmly guide you on the steps to follow. 🙂

So, how can we set up a marketing strategy that will contribute to the growth of our activity with complete peace of mind?
How to set up your marketing strategy in 5 steps

Tip! Use the acronym “M.O.S.T” to guide you on the steps to follow: “Market, Objective, Strategy and Tactics” 🙂

– Market: for the analysis of your environment
– Objective: for measurable objectives
– Strategy: for the strategy to get there
– Technical: for tactics/tools for its implementation.

1. The market (SWOT analysis)

This is also known in marketing jargon as a SWOT analysis. This consists of identifying the Strengths and Weaknesses, as well as the Opportunities and Threats in your market. It’s a great way to start identifying the marketing strategy to adopt. You can use a SWOT analysis model to analyze your own activity, but also that of your competitors (in order to be inspired without copying them!).

Ask yourself the following questions:

– Who is my ideal client? Where is he (on which social networks? On which websites/blogs?)
– Who are my competitors? Where are they? What are their strengths and weaknesses?
– Who are my potential partners (those who have a different activity but complementary to yours)?
– Who are the influencers / “gurus” in your industry (those who can give you more visibility)?

Analyzing your market will allow you to identify who are the players in your market and what they are doing there. This will give you a better understanding of the environment in which you and your competitors live.

2. Your objectives

Set reasonable and measurable goals: For example, goals such as generating more email or more visitors to your site cannot be measured. You need concrete goals, with well-defined measures.

So focus on the FIGURES: for example, the increase in the number of visitors to your site by 20%, the increase in your sales by 15%, the increase in the number of subscribers on your social networks by 1000 followers etc.

Another mnemonic trick here is the SMART method: Make sure that your objectives are Specific (clearly defined), Measurable (a success indicator must be able to establish that it has been achieved), Achievable (defined so as to be able to be realized / accessible), Realistic (it must be consistent with your profile and skills) and Temporarily defined (set a deadline).

3. The strategy

Then break down the achievement of your goals into different stages. This is the famous technique of “small steps”. First, because if you divide your goal into smaller tasks, it will seem much less frightening to you. Secondly, it will allow you, at each step taken, to celebrate this victory, which is very important not to lose motivation! So set yourself intermediate goals to savour these little victories and keep your inner fire! 🙂

NB: You can also take the opportunity to create organizational charts that will help you plan your different tasks and those of your possible collaborator

4. The technique

The last step is the technique, which is to say what tools you will use to succeed in your strategy and achieve your goals. This is the concrete way to get there, thinking about the means used.

For example, to increase the number of visitors to your site: creating 20 new inbound links, optimizing your landing page, improving the writing style of your publications, creating a higher number regular articles on your blog, create infographics from your existing articles, to better promote them or give them a second life! etc.

5. Measure and analyze!

No marketing strategy can be finalized or improved without rigorous analysis and measurement of its results! Indeed, you need to know what is working and what is not working in your marketing strategy. Set specific dates to measure the success or failure of your marketing strategy.

To do this, use your Google Analytics account: analyze the origin of your different traffic sources and the quality of these (the ones that “convert” the best). In short, determine which actions are really effective for your activity and which are not!

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Remember that a structured and well-defined marketing strategy will benefit your business, far beyond your efforts! Because even the best product/service in the world is difficult to sell on its own. 🙂 Often overlooked, for lack of time, knowledge or just want, your marketing strategy is one of the most important aspects of your business to make it successful …

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