About Us

Welcome to THE MANNA SEO

We are an innovative Digital Marketing and Link building agency working for global clients. We’ve been in the digital marketing business for 7 years and have been providing high-quality services to small and medium business enterprises. We are unique and different from others due to our high focus on quality, on-time delivery, and our positive attitude to help our clients. Our mission is to provide you with the best quality digital marketing services in the business, along with affordability and trust. The Customer-focused services have won us many accolades and have been appreciated by the clients from time to time. We have always focused on building a healthy and positive relationship with our client for a mutually beneficial partnership. Our vision is what serves as the framework for our roadmap. Our ultimate goal is to be the major reason for your success and achievement. The powerful emotional bonding platform offers innovative and personalized solutions for our clients and customers.

Manna SEO is one of the fastest-growing Digital Marketing and Link building agencies in the market. The primary reason for success is the customized solution that we provide to all our clients. We understand that every business needs a tailor-made package to meet their requirements. We have a team of experienced and qualified experts that will help you figure out the best possible link building and digital marketing techniques, providing the best results for your business. Our primary focus is to help your business with increasing revenue. Our experts will help you with the link building techniques on the most popular websites in the world. The methods are verified and successful for multiple companies, which has helped them in increasing their business anywhere from 200%-1000%.

We have been a part of many international events to connect with international agencies and provide our clients with the same resources to boom their business. With In-Depth insights, we have helped our clients to plan, design, and implement digital marketing campaigns to reach their relevant audience. It does not just stop there. We are regularly monitoring our campaigns and customize them to provide maximum results to our client’s business. Since these goals are measurable, we can provide our clients with regular reports about the performance. As a Digital Marketing Agency, we deliver complete social media marketing solutions along with SEO, Link building, Email marketing, Brand Monitoring, and much more. We have all the necessary experience and tools to highlight your digital presence across all platforms, which will help you get more potential clients and revenue. 

What We Believe In

High Quality & On-time Delivery

We have set a benchmark for ourselves, which has further enhanced the industry standards. We have been delivering the best and the highest quality services to our client with zero delays. It has been one of our strongest pillars for the company, which has helped us attain the trust of our clients. Be it a small, medium or a large business enterprise, our Digital marketing, and link building solutions assures 100% results with on-time delivery of results. We understand that every project we work on is an opportunity to prove our commitments towards delivering the best services. We have been innovating our digital marketing methods over the years and have developed them as per the industry standards.

Complete Transparency

The Manna SEO agency does not believe in building a one-time relationship with the client. We get to know our clients better and build a relationship based on trust and honesty. Every campaign or digital marketing technique created by us is transparent and has no hidden charges or policies. We believe that it is essential for both us and clients to be invested in clients’ success. Our techniques are customer-centric and maximize companies’ profit. Since we create a customized campaign for each of our clients, the cost, duration, and methods are entirely transparent to the clients, which can be changed and modified as per their will. 

Experience and Qualified team

A qualified and experienced team is what makes all the difference in a Digital marketing agency. Our team consists of a large group of skilled and experienced Digital Marketing specialists, who have spent a lot of years perfecting these digital marketing methods. They have worked with some of the most popular national and international digital marketing agencies. It has provided them with lots of experience, through which they can analyze these techniques and make them better. Each of our clients has a Digital Marketing expert assigned to them, along with the complete details about their experience, qualifications, and expertise, to increase our clients confidence. It assures them of being in contact with the right expert.

Polite attitude and flawless services

The polite nature of our staff in dealing with our clients and our list of flawless services is what makes our clients come back. We make sure that every interaction with our clients is fruitful and to the point. We communicate every detail regarding their campaign with utmost respect and clarity to make sure that nothing is missed. It not only brings complete transparency in the process but also helps the clients to understand the whole process and for us to understand their thought process and the results they are looking for. Since every detail is communicated with politeness and transparency, it helps users to provide flawless and error-free services to the client. Each customized method and technique supplied to the client is tailor-made to ensure that there are no errors. We are always a step ahead and provide our clients with what was committed. Therefore, our clients are always assured of our commitment to their business and success.

The One Who Started It All

The Manna SEO is the thought process of Mr Manna, who spent a lot of time gaining experience and expertise in this field, before opening their own Digital Marketing and Link Building agency. After getting this formal education M.A in Political Science from one of the top University of KNU, he combined his training and his love for building a business around it. His passionate and positive thinking, with an honest working attitude, has made the agency popular and has reputed among many. The Manna SEO has been increasing and setting new industry standards since it has the maximum ratio of retaining customers. Also, 95% of customers who are associated with us, have never looked back and are working with us ever since. 

What brings such trust in our Digital marketing agency is the honest promise of giving 100% to the business growth of our client. There are no half-hearted measures and all our efforts are aligned to make our clients’ business successful. Hundreds of clients and thousands of campaigns later, we still have the same passion for helping our clients grow and taking our agency to the next level. With a significant and increasing team of talented and experienced experts, we have emerged as the industry’s leading agency. We are behind some of the most successful brands in the past and are looking forward to helping many more brands achieve success and revenue. So regardless of the business, our clients are running, our innovative and tested digital marketing and link building techniques provide them with a high probability of success.